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And that's a wrap. Huge congratulations to all who kept #fitformarch at today's . Who recorded a PB?… https://t.co/0gd93vCFLc
Best of luck from to those keeping #fitformarch at today's . Who's coming down to support?… https://t.co/Lx1eHp4EeS
Congrats from to all #everydayathletes staying #fitformarch at the today! What times did eve… https://t.co/RDM3D4khpL
All systems go ! Good luck from to all staying #fitformarch. Who's going for a PB today?… https://t.co/upY20fhMga
All systems go ! Good luck from to all staying #fitformarch. Who's going for a PB today?… https://t.co/RwjTZ4gdUK
. congratulates the many runners who stayed #fitformarch today! Who feels better after… https://t.co/6FQgYiCFKn
And they're off! Good luck from to all the runners keeping #fitformarch at today's .… https://t.co/oFc3WrWhHL
Well done from to the runners who completed today's . Who smashed a personal best?… https://t.co/MtuhlU7aR3
They're off! Good luck from to all at today's #vitalityrun. Who's coming to their first Run Series?… https://t.co/0XSCI124AZ
RT : We're celebrating women in #sport – how would YOU encourage more women to take part in sport? #SWOTY https://t.co/FW0ejwqHEa
Well done to all runners at the Vitality ! #OH #VitalityRun https://t.co/g8Hoyw2pjx
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And off they go! See you all at the finish line! Good luck from #OH #VitalityRun https://t.co/zT2Ed4xnWI
We are moments away from the Vitality 3,2,1…... #OH #VitalityRun https://t.co/P1sqfFL9Ef
Who is in Oxford for the Vitality ? #OH #VitalityRun https://t.co/VbzFimFDLl
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Well done to all runners at the Vitality #VitalityRun #runthecapital https://t.co/TQTCWueKPA
Off they go! See you all at the finish line! Good luck from #VitalityRun #runthecapital https://t.co/uBg7xPkGXe
The countdown is on to the Vitality 3,2,1...#VitalityRun #runthecapital https://t.co/eOCwCkdPI4
Who is in the heart of London today for the Vitality ? #VitalityRun #runthecapital https://t.co/MKyfYaaBGF
What’s next 'ers? Time to #RUNTHECAPITAL at ! 10.07.16 - let's go! https://t.co/rRspWDB643 https://t.co/6ICa5i5sF1
Yes runners, you did it!! Time to relax and feel super proud with that medal around your neck! https://t.co/8du2HHJppV
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And we’re off! See you at the finish line! Good luck from #VitalityRun https://t.co/OBYirgxsQ2
Who is heading down to the Hackney Marshes today for the Vitality ? #VitalityRun https://t.co/bKbbAE0D3s
Good luck today runners! The best party you’ll go to in trainers is about to begin! #VitalityRun https://t.co/ymsyqAG7yg