Slot Overview: Neon Links

The iGaming industry offers a plethora of possibilities for players searching for a jolt of neon to lift their spirits. Red Tiger and its partners at R7 have added their latest pile-topper, Neon Links. The bright neon lights and traditional slot machine symbols make this one hard to look away from. Neon Links isn’t a high-performance slot by any stretch of the imagination, but it has enough speed and oddities to keep gamers who are looking for some casual Las Vegas-style gaming entertained.

Neon Links is a 5-reel, 10-payline slot machine set against a backdrop of Polaroid pictures of hotels and other structures with neon signs. When the bonus game is activated, the atmosphere, which is subdued during free spins, becomes bright and, you guessed it, neon. Neon Links is a unique combination of classic fruit machine tropes with gaudy neon signs reminiscent of Art Deco buildings in Miami. The music is subdued throughout the main game but ramps up during free games.

Players may wager anywhere from 10 pence to £/€100 each spin on Neon Links, which is playable on tablets, desktops, and mobile devices. Expect a modest maximum win multiplier from a Red Tiger slot machine as the average exposure for these machines is approximately £100,000. The default RTP is 95.67 percent, which is around par, and the volatility is moderate.

The game’s two features, one accessible in the main menu, and the other resulting in a certain amount of free spins, provide some padding to the action. Aside from that, following the regulations is simple. A reward is awarded when three or more identical symbols land on one of the game’s ten fixed paylines. Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades make up the bottom payments on the paytable, paying between 1.1 and 1.8 times the stake for a full house. Fruit symbols like cherries, grapes, horseshoes, bells, and blazing 7s are next, and they pay out rather well. For a full line of five, they pay anything from 2.5% to 25% of the wager in coins. There are no wild symbols, but each standard pay tile also comes in a neon variation.

Features of Neon Slot Machines

Signs made of neon carry the same meaning as those made of other materials, but they also look cool. If there are ever two neon symbols on the same row, the symbols in between them will merge to form a single, larger neon symbol. A three-of-a-kind or four-of-a-kind win is created, for instance, when neon bells on reels one and three, or two and five, connect to form a winning combination.

When two Vegas Spins symbols appear in the same reel position on reels 1 and 5, the Vegas Spins bonus round is activated. If this occurs, you will receive 10 Vegas Spins as a prize. One neon icon is chosen at random just before Vegas Spins begin. During the bonus game, specific icons will expand to fill a 1×3 grid as neon super symbols. During Vegas Spins, colossal icons always appear as they do in the main game. If two Neon Super Symbols fall next to one other, they will transform all of the intervening symbols into Neon Super Symbols, much like in the original game.

Judgment in the Fruit Machines

Neon Links is a game with a shiny exterior that manages to avoid becoming empty on the inside. The combination of those two traits guarantees it. Despite their simplicity, they have the potential to deliver an occasional adrenaline spike, especially during free spins. Extra wins from neon symbols were common throughout the main game, though they seldom amounted to more than a few coins. In the bonus game, the neon super symbols are much more helpful. While all this connecting is taking place, Red Tiger has made sure everything looks excellent by giving the overall production a luxurious gloss.

The technique of picking a random symbol during free spins, having it land stacked, and utilizing them to link winnings on any reel is reminiscent of a “book of,” giving the game an almost ‘book of’ vibe. However, the rewards are much lower than in other “book of” games since the value of the symbols has been reduced. Even though full grid wins are possible and occurred often throughout the review period, the highest you can win from a 7-of-a-kind screen is just 250x. The highest money you can win playing Neon Links is 1050 times your original bet.

Neon Links may have been a far more stunning game if Red Tiger had gone for a different direction, one that stayed true to the spirit of its ‘book of’ brothers even as it took players in a fresh new direction. Neon Links’ functionality is clever, but the app might have used more flash to attract users. Neon Links is fun for the intended population but will likely turn off anyone not in that demographic due to its lack of excitement.

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